Du’ aa is the essence of Ibaadah. The Qu’ran has termed du’aa as Ibaadah (Call unto me, I shall answer you surely those who are arrogant to worship me will enter hell humiliated.

Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has also declared du’aa as Ibaadah. therefore; to forsake Du’aa is to forsake Ibaadah. for every need of mankind he

As Muslims sura Fatir (35:12) says “whatever of mercy ( of good) Allah may grant to mankind, none can with hold it/ and whatever He may withhold, none can grant it thereafter.
And He is the All-mighty, All. wise.” With the faith that Allah provides all things, going into business involves a process that requires mental dialogue, a personal but visionary ambition, a need in the system, or a solution to the end user.
Believe in Allah
Once you have mentored your- self to be an entrepreneur, continuously seek Allah’s guidance, make sure all that you wish to earn is from halal means.
Make dua for your financial and physical health so that you may be worthy of Allah’s mercy.


You and only you:
The number one opportunity is you and your personality: When trying to suggest business ideas one should look at their skills, talents and personal strengths.
Skills are the great abilities or expertise that rises from training or practice.
Strengths are the personal quality one has, as an advantage over their weaknesses or failures. When you have a mental dialogue ask yourself these questions:
What am I good at?
What am I very sure about doing well for the next five years?

Founder's Message

Allah is most great. There is no Deity besides Allah and Allah is most Great. Allah is most Great and Verily all praises are for Allah.”
Uganda Muslims Association of Canada as a non profit yet religious organization, promotes awareness about our Deen and encourages Muslims to practice Islam. It is a vessel to inform Muslims about Islamic principles in everyday life and encourages interaction among Muslims.
“Invite all to the way of your Lord with Wisdom and beautiful Preaching” (Qur’an 16:125)
UMAC will enable Muslim companies and Individuals to fulfil their corporate Social Responsibility as a way of giving back to communities in which they operate, by way of propagating Da’awa.

Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H)

Da’wa is teaching Islam as a complete way of life by use of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah i.e. the Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) teachings and way of life.



May Allah’s peace and blessings be on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), his family and his companions, and those who call to his message, follow his tradition, tread his traits, and work by his methodology until the Day of Judgement.

Pillars of Islam